Helpful OCD

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Actually, it never is. I don’t know how many times I have heard or read in online support forums and lists people with OCD saying their OCD can be helpful in certain ways. Or asking if others found that to be true. Uh, no. Most of the time this is the old silk purse out of a sows ear kind of thing. A person has to try and live with this disorder and so they … The Story Continues…

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Ethan’s Story

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“My mind is at war. My heart is bleeding.” I’m a man with unpleasant past. I’m 24. I think I should put it this way, I don’t even know what is wrong with me. This is the second time I have been questioning myself whether I have OCD. The result of the first time was a total chaos… Well, maybe, the question itself doesn’t matter anymore. I perceive my OCD as the Pure Obsessional type. … The Story Continues…

At It Again

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As you can see I have changed things around here. A lot. You can always tell when my OCD is kicking up more then usual because when it does I try and find stuff to distract me. One good way is to design or redesign a WordPress theme. So that is sort of what happened. Though this time the theme is all mine not a tweaked version of someone else’s. Also WordPress just released a … The Story Continues…