On the lighter side

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The OCD Action figure I find this funny but others may not… I learned a long time ago that you just have to learn to laugh at yourself. Especially the OCD. After all it is pretty bizarre stuff. And damn, it sure screws our lives up but I refuse to let it take the humor out of things. … The Story Continues…

Watch OCD

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I was wandering around in YouTube today and found a great number of videos tagged with OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder and while a great many of them have nothing to do with real OCD, there are a number of genuine videos. The one embedded here attempts to impart what it is like to have OCD. From the description; This was created to demonstrate what Obsessive Compulsive Disorder can look like. This was a project for … The Story Continues…

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Just some site news

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I am very slowly transferring over content from my old and very long standing OCD site Doubt and Other Disorders in the process of doing that I have discovered I neglected to date a lot of the entries. With some uh, digging I will be able to reconstruct the rough dates of most of it but for now they are all getting the date of 01/01/1996 which was roughly when the site in its current … The Story Continues…