Trading Places

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I have often said that if a normal(uh, non OCD person) were able to spend an hour inside our minds it would probably give them PTSD or something.

In this article a writer tries living life as one of her characters for a day. That character has OCD. It’s very interesting. Go give it a read.

And the money quote;

But I gained a new respect, and horror, for those living with OCD. Will I ever write that story? Only if I can imagine the life, and not live it.

It’s so refreshing to read something about OCD from a non OCD person that has some understanding of what we live with. I get really tired of those stupid psychological quiz/meme things that pop up all the time or people complaining they have OCD because they like to keep their CD collection in alphabetical order.


Trading Places — 3 Comments

  1. Hi! I see you found my post… It was quite a day, trying to live with OCD. Quite exhausting… I’ll browse your site for my information on the disorder. Thanks!

  2. Heh! If somebody comes up with a typocheck they should be nominated for a Nobel.

    Of all the things OCD inflicts on us, exhaustion, is high on the list. Not just from the demands of the rituals and the soul sucking anxiety but from the state of hypervigilance it often places us in. Me for sure.

    I enjoyed your article. I hope you write the story someday.