I obsess, therefore I am

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Though my primary flavor of OCD is contamination/washer I have occasional bouts of Pure O (obsession without external obvious compulsions), which sucks. And while I don’t think one form of OCD is any worse then another, having Pure O on top of contamination stuff is rather hellish. I suspect that since Pure O is much easier to hide from others that folks that have this as their primary manifestation tend to not get help for even longer times then is usual and probably as a result tend to feel even more isolated. Not to mention that the content of the Pure O obsessions can be very disturbing and folks with it can be very reluctant to share it with others for fear of repercussions.

This is an excellent article on Pure O by a person with that form of OCD

I obsess, therefore I am – The McGill Daily


I obsess, therefore I am — 2 Comments

  1. I havent sought professional help Still.. its so damn hard.. iv read in ocd’ers blogs the forms of ocd people have and iv wondered what form mine takes as in to lable it i guese.. so i know.. but i understand what ocd is i understand what it does and how different it can be for different people.. this post gave me a better understanding of my own ocd.. i have the ‘thoughts’ distressing horrible ones which i realy cant say and even admitting i have them is sending my body into repulse.. my compulsions mainly come from stopping those things happening.. i guese you know how that is.. anyway sorry to ramble on i just wanted to thankyou for the insight,


  2. Yeah I know how it is with the not wanting or being able to talk about the content of those obsessions. Makes them feel more real or more likely and just generally heightens the anxiety.

    I am often grateful that my primary OCD is “only” washing/contamination. Pure O is a nightmare in a different circle of hell.