Redecorating Again

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As you can see I have changed the theme once more. I rather like this one, rather modern and minimal. And there is probably a few more tweaks to be done. The random images to the right next to the random quotations are pretty much just for a splash of color but they are all mine. … The Story Continues…

Katie’s Story

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I am 20 years old and in college. I have lived with my obsessive behavior my entire life. It was just this year that I picked up my roommate’s book on mental disorders and discovered with a chilling certainty that I wasn’t alone in this world. I have OCD. I am astonished at the similarities between my obsessions and the obsessions of others on this site. When I was very small, I was obsessed with … The Story Continues…

I obsess, therefore I am

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Though my primary flavor of OCD is contamination/washer I have occasional bouts of Pure O (obsession without external obvious compulsions), which sucks. And while I don’t think one form of OCD is any worse then another, having Pure O on top of contamination stuff is rather hellish. I suspect that since Pure O is much easier to hide from others that folks that have this as their primary manifestation tend to not get help for … The Story Continues…

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