‘The OCD Project’

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I am not a fan of reality type shows in general. But this looks interesting. Hopefully it’s not exploitative.

‘The OCD Project’: Obsessive-compulsive disorder gets the spotlight in new series (SUPERTRAILER)
Exposure and Response Prevention is widely recognized as a best practice for the treatment of OCD. In this program, a group of OCD patients will live under one roof throughout the course of therapy to address the illness and provide round-the-clock support for each other. The Exposure and Response Prevention approach can appear severe and horrifying but viewers will ultimately see why these highly intelligent, creative and empathetic participants whose lives are spiraling out of control need to undergo such harsh treatment. The series will chronicle each participant’s journey into the debilitating doubts that consume their lives and witness the amazing transformations this treatment can provide. At the end of the three weeks, not all participants will have completed the program but find support and tools to use as they work to overcome their compulsions.

‘The OCD Project’ premieres Thursday, May 27th at 10 P.M on VH1.


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