I Now Hold A World Record

For the vertical jump from a seated position.

My computer blew up. Literally. Loud bang. Smoke. And the house mains tripped off. That’s a relatively catastrophic computer failure.

I don’t know if it took out the mother board or not as it’s a proprietary power supply (Sony Vaio). So I can’t just stick another one in there easily. So I went into debt (for the next decade or so) and picked up a new system. Also decided since I was getting a new system get it with Vista (with some trepidation). I have to say I don’t regret that at all. It runs great with no problems. I basically got a gaming system with no proprietary crap in it so it will be very easy to swap out parts and stuff for the foreseeable future.

All that is to say I am still here and back online. It’s amazing how big a part of my life using a computer is. Didn’t really notice until I didn’t have one…

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